Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy again....

this few days i am really busy....sorry for everyone that who are always waiting for my msg and my call....this week n next week was killing me...after that i must hard to exam is coming soon....after that , yeah yeah i can really enjoy again...i want go kL wif my darling..i want go to celebrate 21st birthday with my baby....i want to join u all.....after that go to Langkawi again...i miss that nice beach and sexy!!! so many plan....after the semester break , wow i cant wait for the last semester d......what will going on? No one know that ... hiazzzzz !!!! stress again is it? or become crazy also dun know !! anyway selly you must be strong... dun giving up !! One day later u sure can stay at Taiwan as well....GAMBATEH >>

1 comment:

  1. B,that "baby" in ur post izzit me?
    haha XD if yes, i would love it so much!!!
    my 21st big day, no1 can miss it
    i wan to celebrate it b4 n after 1 week of 3rd aug.
    so nobody will miss it
    wow! XD
    miss ya b...